What do you think of past – present – future?

Past is gone!! Present is almost gone!! Future is now!

Do you like to wear vintage military garments? If yes, why?

Yes, I like the character and the feel of the fabric! Most of the time you can find high quality garments for less!! 

 What piece of military garments (jackets, pants, shirts etc..) do you like best and why?

Pants and jackets! Military pants are durable and timeless, and jackets give me an attitude of power.

NYC, love it or hate it?

Both, otherwise it's not NYC.

Do you find any connection between military style and NYC?

Yes, NYC is a metropolitan jungle, military style is perfect for the streets.

What does ‘a modern view of the past’ mean in your opinion?

It means being able to reinterpret an old item in a modern way!! 

Do you like camouflage?

Yes, i like it even more when its mixed with other solids and patterns

Which is your favourite camo?

Swedish camo!! I have a wall in my office like that.

Which camo for you best represents NYC?

Urban jungle camo.

How do you see military garments worn in the future? 

Like today, one old military item mixed with regular modern fashion pieces.

What is brotherhood in your opinion?

Brotherhood is looking at someone in the eyes and talking without opening your mouth.

Who is your own army?

Myar, mysr, myfr and myrr..

And then my football team Bassano!!!