What do you like about the Past?

I’m fascinated by history

What do you like about the Present?

We live in a difficult moment. The lack of incentives and apathy of people are the order of the day

What do you like of the Future?

The thought that there will always be something new

What’s your relationship with clothing?

It’s my world.

Do you wear vintage clothing, if so what do you like about it?

I wear vintage sometimes. I like the perfume, the smell!

Do you have ORIGINAL military pieces in your closet? If so, which ones?

Yes. Jackets and pants from the USA

What do you like about military clothing?

I like the fact that they have stories to tell

If you think of the word “army” which cultural references come to mind?

Usa, Marines, Vietnam, World War II

What do you like about the world of military? What do you dislike?

I like the authenticity, I don’t like false and tasteless reinterpretations

What does “a modern view of the past” mean your opinion?

To be able to re-make things of the past without distorting them. Almost everything has been done, in my opinion it is enough to propose the same things again with a different vision, a contemporary vision of the time we live in.

Do you agree with this sentence by Giuseppe Verdi: "Let’s go back to the old, it will be a progress!" ?

Yes, history keeps on teaching us every day, always, we just need to read it and listen to it…