Italian Navy official dress introduced around 50’s and composed by trousers, jacket and waistcoat.

100% Wool.

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The Italian Navy was born in 1861 due to the unification of Marina Sarda and Marina Borbonica, becoming the Regia Marina. Its current name, Marina Militare, was given after WWII at the birth of the Italian Republic.
The uniform was composed of three items (jacket, vest and trousers) and was made of 100 % blue wool. Stars were applied to the collar of the jacket and chevrons on the sleeve.
The double-breasted jacket is a symbol of elegance and authority used by all the Navy Forces, hence why it was given only to Officials. Buttons were in a shiny golden shade and embossed with the emblem of the Navy.
The vest was not often worn, due to practicality. Usually a white shirt was worn underneath and the uniform was completed with a pair of shiny black shoes.
This uniform was normally used by Officials while sailing, and it was also worn by the on board medical team. It was named P4 because it was worn by Sergeants with a minimum of four year of seniority.