Aloha kakou.

In the Hawaiian language, the world Aloha means Hello and Goodbye. But also Love and Affection.

The positive, joyful mood of the Hawaiian culture, which celebrates the harmony with Mother Nature, meets MYAR iconic military camouflage, which is also an ultimate homage to nature as it allows to fully match the environment.

In keeping with its signature up-cycling approach, aimed at transforming already existing military garments into new designs infused with creativity and craftsmanship, for the Spring/Summer 2020 season, MYAR reworks army uniforms and Hawaiian shirts for fresh and fun urban garments. For the first time, this season, the story and the customization process behind each garment will be fully revealed by scanning with the smartphone the QR codes  thermo-applied inside the pieces.

 A sartorial approach resulting in the manipulation of different fabrics which are fused together stand out next to the use of cutting-end technologies.

Red mixed with green and khaki camouflages are carefully selected to match the bold hues of an array of different Hawaiian shirts for a sophisticated tonal effect.

A patchwork of different Hawaiian motifs is applied through bonding technologies on shirt, light jackets, which also reveal tropical printed cuffs. Military pieces are dissembled and then re-assembled to welcome exotic landscapes.

Transfer printing is used to decorate khaki camo jackets with a cascade of palms and subtle MYAR logos, strategically placed on the garment to be reveled with movement.

Logo T-shirts are trimmed with Hawaiian shirts punctuated by tiny buttons for a sartorial effect, while black, red and blue striped telnyashka T-shirts from the Russian army are printed with lively palms and hibiscus flowers.

The collection’s classic tailoring appeal also reflects in the Italian Navy’s blue pants thermo-applied with Hawaiian side bands running down the legs, while a blue jacket is not only lined with a tropical shirt but also reveals on the back a palm created with a patchwork of tiny pieces of fabrics in exotic motifs.

Playing with tonal contrasts, two different green jackets are combined into a unisex shirtdress and, a celebration of MYAR up-cycling know-how, a shirt with short sleeves is embellished with extra applied pockets for seamless sophistication.  

MYAR signature military, utilitarian aesthetic gets refreshed with the breezy, positive vibe of the Hawaiian iconography, which invites to indulge the sweet joy of nature.

Aloha nui loa.